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My name is Cathy Ginder. I am a graphic designer currently based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have the design skills and technical proficiency for print, layout, and photography. I appreciate the many styles that can be found in the arts. Each style, like each designer and artist, is unique and different. It is a personal goal of mine to use design to affect the world around me in a positive way.



  • This is a cover spread for an audio teaching series about grace. I did this project for Petra Christian Fellowship
  • This is a cover spread for an audio teaching series about the Holy Spirit. I did this project for Petra Christian Fellowship
  • I designed this site (graphics, coding, and Flash) for Specialty Pak, a company specializing in packaging for coffee, food, pet treats and more. Visit site: www.specialtypak.com.
  • This is the invitation I designed for our wedding. My husband, Austin, is a full-time web developer for Anchor Development Corporation. He and I like to subcontract each other for various web and graphic projects.
  • Recovery Insight is a mental health peer-to-peer service. I did the layout and Flash work for this website. Site development, coding and maintenance provided by Anchor Development Corporation. Visit site: www.recovery-insight.com.
  • I created this Flash file for an e-learning project while attending Berks Technical Institute. The purpose of the project was to give a brief lesson on a topic, and provide several small tests to see if the viewer was learning from the content they were reading. To start click on the file.
  • I created this poster for a Men's Ministry event at Petra Christian Fellowship.
  • I designed these postcards for the Jr. High {EDGE} group at Petra Christian Fellowship.
  • I designed this site (graphics and coding) for JM Contracting, a contractor located in Berks county, PA. Visit site: JM Contracting LLC.
  • Here are several stock photos I currently have on www.istockphoto.com.
  • This is part of the promotion I created for the 2010 Women's Conference at Petra Christian Fellowship.


Email cathy@orangeslicedesign.com or use the form below to send me a message.


Beyond Design

Even though design is a big part of my life, there are a lot of other things I feel strongly about. One thing I often find myself pondering is the vast difference in my life and others.' In a nation like America, opportunities are often handed to me on a day to day basis, and I don't even realize it. Education, wealth and freedom are priceless. I often think it is unfair to have been given so much. Sometimes I wonder why...then I wonder what...what can I do to help. Click on the links to check out some ways to help.